William Binzen & Erik Walker bring an eloquent, fine art sensibility to the realm of high-tech panorama photography and photo compositing.

Each piece begins as a collection of high-resolution digital photographs shot in a grid using specialized hardware. These are then stitched together into a single, layered graphic file, which may be greater than 30GB for large projects. The raw stitch is meticulously refined and adjusted, layer-by-layer, edge-by-edge. Being focused on the emotional content of an event, we often combine several different scenes together, shifting placement of elements, such as people and things, as needed.

The resulting image may be something that did not literally happen in a strictly documentary sense, yet better expresses the emotional experience of those involved in the event. The use of color in our images is handled in the same way. We carefully adjust hue, value and chroma to represent the feeling and energy of an event, instead of merely recording the light present.

The final result is portraiture through time of an entire event, place and experience.